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Dear Single Guys,


Look guys, my heart goes out to you.

The Dating World is as wild and unpredictable as the Women it's filled with! 

I have a pretty good idea of what you want....You want that woman who you can be yourself around. Who loves, supports and admires you. Someone who is cool to be around. A Woman you find very attractive. One who doesn't nag at you, isn't needy, dramafree and....Who IS NOT Crazy! Right!?

Perhaps, you're looking for the TOTAL package....

A Badass Woman with Beauty & Brains.

What about a woman who is: beautiful, educated, successful, spiritual, fun, kind, loving, confident, comfortable in her skin, has a great attitude, happy, charming, compassionate....Someone you love spending time with. A woman you have Mind Blowing Sex with. A woman that your friends and family love. 

 Maybe you're asking, Does this Woman Exists somewhere other than my dreams?!

YES, She does.

I know, because, I'm one of those women.

I call myself and women like me, "The Trifecta".

Beautiful, Intelligent and Badass

(Aka, have a great Personality). 

AND, Let me say, I didn't wake up like this. No sir, I busted my butt, went through some tough shit & worked on my shit to become the woman I am today. Which is pretty amazing, I will say so myself. 

I have good news...there are women like me out there waiting for an amazing MAN!


Lucky for you, I can tell you exaclty what they want. 


First, Let me tell you what they Don't Want:

The Asshole, The Nice Guy, The Douchebag,

The Doesn't Have His Shit Together Guy,

The Bad Boy, The Player 

or Prince Charming.


She Wants A MAN.






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